Three videos have been prepared by the Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd.

In 2009, Janet Field, known as a 'Wetland Champion', spoke on the watering of her property "Brechin". Duration: 6:39

In 2012, Life Flowing Back Into Wetlands was produced by Tyler Freeman Smith (Free Range Multimedia). This video includes interviews with landholders Mick and Maria Greatz; and Tim, Peter and Jack Mills who share their experience of environmental flows on their properties. Howard Jones (Chair, MDWWG) provides an overview of the Working Group. Duration: 7:36 

In 2013, Environmental Watering of Fletchers Creek was produced by Groovy Tube (Mildura). This video interviews members from the MDWWG and BMEET. Duration 3:30

* * * *

As part of the monitoring of the autumn 2016 environmental watering at the Carrs, Capitts and Bunberoo Creeks system, one of our partners, The Nature Conservancy Australia, commissioned Australian UAV to take images by aerial survey plane (drone), prior to the environmental watering event (mid-March 2016) and during the environmental watering event (mid-May 2016). The CCB wetlands was prepared by Australian UAV. Duration 9:38