Major Achievements


Summary of Achievements of Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd.


Major Activity


  • Acquired Environmental Water Trust.
  • Launch of Riverspace.
  • Partnership project with BMEET to deliver environmental water to Fletchers Creek, the first substantial flow for nearly four decades.
  • Three externally-funded projects completed.
  • Third edition of Wetlands Watch: a field guide for monitoring wetlands in the southern Murray-Darling Basin published.
  • Communication Plan completed.
  • CEO; 17th International Riversymposium Program Committee and Chair of Australian Riverprize judging panel.
  • Two committees established: (i) Finance, Audit and Risk and (ii) Governance, Remuneration and Nominations.


  • Launch of new website.
  • Wetlands Unlimited (seasonal e-newsletter) launched.
  • Business Case prepared for NSW Government.
  • Chair elected member of the MDBA Basin Communities Committee.
  • Two articles submitted and published in Wetlands Australia and RipRap.


  • Project partnerships commenced with Murray CMA and former Lower Murray Darling CMA (now Murray CMA).
  • Formation of Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group Ltd.


  •  Facilitated environmental watering of Darling Anabranch and Lake Gol Gol.
  •  Facebook page established.


  •  Established Water Trust Alliance with key NGO's.


  • Formation of Murray Darling Wetlands Ltd (Company) – the not-for-profit business arm of the Working Group.
  • Awarded Global Restoration Network "Top 25" Australasian Ecological Restoration Projects for "Watering Wetlands on Private Properties Murray Valley, New South Wales, Australia".


  • Delivery of 9000 ML into 11 wetlands areas.
  • Joint project with Water for Rivers to rehabilitate Wanganella Swamp.


  • Winner of National Riverprize 2007.
  • Grant received from National Water Commission to investigate acid sulfate in inland wetlands.
  • Nine on-ground landholder wetland rehabilitation projects delivered.
  • River Murray Wetland Database Atlas produced.

2005 – 2006

  • 16 on-ground landholder wetland rehabilitation projects delivered.
  • Publication of River Murray Wetlands Database.
  • 10,415 ML of Adaptive Environmental Water (AEW) distributed into 28 wetland areas.

2004 – 2005

  • 21 on-ground landholder wetland rehabilitation projects delivered.
  • 16,795 ML of AEW distributed into 43 wetland areas.

2003 – 2004

  • 20,210 ML of AEW distributed into 39 wetlands.
  • 34 on-ground landholder projects wetland rehabilitation projects delivered.

2002 – 2003

  • 10,610 ML of AEW distributed into 46 wetlands.
  • Assessment of Murray Wetlands flow requirements.
  • NSW Lower Murray Darling Wetland Rehabilitation.
  • “Wetlands Watch” field monitoring guide for landholders and the community published.

2001 – 2002

  • 4061 ML of AEW distributed into 12 wetlands.
  • Murray Catchment Sustainable Wetland Management began.

2000 – 2001

  • Management of 30,000 ML of AEW began.
  • 30,000 ML of AEW ‘piggy-backed’ onto Barmah-Millewa Environmental Release.


  • Upper Murray and Billabong Creek Wetland Mapping.
  • Ten Incentives for rehabilitation of wetlands on private property via NHT funding.


  • Management of Moira Water Savings began.
  • Rehabilitation of Thegoa Lagoon.


  • Ten on-ground landholder projects delivered through NHT.


  • Rehabilitation of Croppers Lagoon via infrastructure.


  • Preliminary Groundwater Investigation for Gol Gol Wetland.


  • Rehabilitation of Moira Lake.
  • Proposed Hydrological Management Plan for the Gulpa Creek system.


  • Poon Boon Lakes Preliminary Hydrological Study.


  • NSW Murray Wetlands Working Group (Working Group) formed.
  • Gol Gol Wetlands: Options for rehabilitation and hydrologic management.